How to change keymap *for login* in Sway?

Hi all,

In my quest to find software that makes my Raspberry Pi 4B fast enough to use as a desktop computer, I tried Sway - and it does!

Problem: how to use US English and Dvorak layout, since Calamares and Manjaro Settings Manager can’t set it.

A partial solution is to add the following to ~/.config/sway/config:

input * xkb_layout “us(dvorak)”
input * xkb_model “pc105”

The above works in every window and app I’ve tried after logging in.

BUT in the login window, only US default is available. This leaves me unable to choose a secure password, since my keyboard is French azerty and I don’t remember much in US querty layout after so many years away from it.

Has anyone solved this login keymap issue?



OOPS - SOLVED: putting those same lines in /etc/sway/inputs/default-keyboard did the trick!

There is a global configuration in /etc/sway/inputs that is used for the initial session for the greetd login… overlays/sway/etc/sway/inputs/default-keyboard · master · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab

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