How to change init terminal colors


How could one change the colors of the init terminal?


You would need a colour scheme as the one provided by maia-console.

Basically, it should work in a similar way as setting your PS1, e.g.:
echo -en "\e]P0$_232423 etc.

And this would have to be autostarted with a systemd unit file.

Just install maia-console and work from there.



@es20490446e do you mean the colours of the lines scrolling past as you boot up? :confused:




You can temporarily set colors for tty with setterm -foreground green -background black -store for example. Although this does not work on boot.


I think the easiest way to accomplish this would be to use one of those old binders from school days with the pretty colored transparent plastic dividers. Simply hold one of the colored plastic sheets in front of your screen during boot up. :muscle: :smile:


Not tested, all my output is hidden, but:


But that is for the user’s console.