How to change Evolution keyboard shortcut?

I’m on Manajro XFCE (4.16)

After some troubles getting Thunderbird to behave as I like, I want to try Evolution. It looks promising, but I can’t figure out how to change (or add) keyboard shortcuts. I want a keyboard shortcut for searching for messages.

I found little (and old) information on the subject: Custom keyboard shortcuts for Evolution in GNOME | Major Hayden and

So I did nano .config/evolution/accels and changed the line

;  (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/shell/search-quick" "")


(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/shell/search-quick" "<Primary>6")

which seemingly has zero effect. At least typing CTRL-6 does nothing. I chose that shortcut because the entire A-Z seems to be assigned to various other stuff. E. g. the intuitive CTRL-f forwards the highlighted message.

Also tried without luck:

(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/shell/search-menu" "<Primary>8")

Anyone have a pointer?

I am not sure on how to add a new keyboard shortcut but you can use Alt+C to jump to Search bar. Same goes for a lot of other functions also. Just press Alt plus the underlined character to access that.

Thank you, that’s helping!

I didn’t really see the underline though, it was more like a hint. Guess I’ll play a bit with fonts and themes as well :slight_smile:

Still leaving the thread open for a while, as there are a few shortcuts I’d like to change.

Turns out I was wrong: editing the file DOES work. Its just that editing the line to look like

makes it so that after entering a search string I can execute the search using CTRL-6 as well as ENTER. I was hoping my custom shortcut would activate or focus the search field instead.

I failed finding a useful guide to what the names in the accels file mean, so for now changing shortcuts is a trial and error task.

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