How to change color scheme on manjaro i3wm?

Can i change the color scheme in application such as manjaro-setting-manager and notification such as volume icon notification to another color scheme?
If it is possible, then how to change those color scheme?

Generally speaking you change the GTK theme - which would then reflect on the appearance of the mentioned apps.

But as the settings manager is a Qt application - you may have to adjust Kvantum theme settings - and maybe you need lxappearance to change gtk2 settings.

I am really - really not into tiling window manager so i3 is way out of my league - but I can tell you which files could possibly hold those configs

Not all systems has these files

  • ~/i3 (or ~/.config/i3)
  • ~/.gtkrc-2.0
  • ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini (gtk.css)
  • ~/.config/Kvantum/kvantum.kvconfig
  • ~/.config/qt5ct.conf

Then there is notifications which are configured using either command line arguments or separate config files

  • ~/.config/dunst/dunstrc

The same for rofi and dmenu and the list goes on and on …

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Thanks, i’ll try to change those files and see if it works…

In addition to what @linux-aarhus already wrote, another config file to edit, especially for the appearance of the default terminal (urxvt) and terminal-based applications, is

  • ~/.Xresources

The section of the file to edit is this one (lines 17-55).