How to change color of top bar in terminal from default black to some other color?

Installed Latest Manjaro, xfce.

I need to change the color of the top bar of the terminal to something light. It is now black. I am not asking about color of the terminal itself such as background color and font color and so, which I see in the settings. It is the color of the very top bar of the terminal only (where it says “Terminal” on it and has the X on the right side). It now has black background. I need to make it white or something light.

Image is below.

I looked at all options in setting, and not able to find one. Here is screen shot (I can’t add image, I get an error) can’t even add a link to the screen shot. I get an error that can’t have link.


Found it. Right-click on desktop->Applications->Settings->Setting manager->Window manager and changed theme to light one.

Case closed.