How to change audio/sound?

My computer ‘warning’ sound is the same bleeping sound it makes when I enter UEFI/BIOS setup.
It’s annoying because when I search for text on a webpage using firefox (CTRL+ F) and it can’t be found, it bleeps loudly and my colleagues are giving me weird stares :neutral_face:

So is it possible to change it to something normal or turn it off?

You can try blacklisting the pcspkr module as mentioned in the Arch Wiki:

In a terminal window run the command

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/nobeep.conf

Then type blacklist pcspkr and press Ctrl+O and Enter to save the file and Ctrl+X to exit.

Then reboot and see if that worked.


Nice catch, but would there be a way to customize the noise itself though? That would be a most ideal solution for me.

The pcspkr device was designed in 1980, 40 years ago.
The only thing it can do is go BEEP and although there is a way to program it to use a higher or lower frequency, it would just go BEEP at a higher or lower note.

Listen to the fantastic music Tetris used in 1986. (Yup: BLOOP instead of BEEP)


Not really, unless you call going BLOOP instead of BEEP customizing the sound as even a simple Windows Ding sound is way out of its league…¹


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Note 1: The Windows Ding sound was introduced in Windows for WorkGroups 3.11 in 1992…

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