how to change a specific language font ?

dear team,
i want to learn how can i change a specific language font, i am using XFCE Edition,
i want to change bengali font, please help me to do this.

Welcome to the Manjaro community!

The Arch Wiki has some examples for setting the default font for a language:

There is no mention to the Bengali language specifically, but you can use the provided examples to make your own configurations.

Some other Arch Wiki pages worth reading:

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I suppose you need to use both latin and bengali script, and you need to switch form one to the other. Othewise you would have installed your manjaro in the right language at first.

You have to check if bengali can be used with Devanagari fonts, or if it is more complicated (like chinese, japanese and corean, called CJK)
I use tibetan script and ibus package is needed to switch from latin alphabet to tibetan one
Be aware to use an unicode bengali font if possible

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