How to build a Manjaro ISO for myself?

I remember your own ISO using manjaro-tools-iso-git and iso-profile

I remember there is a Manjaro Wiki which tells how to build it but I cannot find it now.

I search for ‘ISO’ ‘iso-profile’ or ‘manjaro-tools-iso’ and find nothing


It is important to use the same version of the tools for dependencies.

E.g. manjaro-tools-iso depends on manjaro-tools-yaml and manjaro-tools-base

To use the git version You will have to install the git versions of the other packages as well otherwise the result will be unpredicatable

So either

sudo pacman -Syu manjaro-tools-iso manjaro-tools-yaml manjaro-tools-base


sudo pacman -Syu manjaro-tools-iso-git manjaro-tools-yaml-git manjaro-tools-base-git

To get the profiles use git

~$ git clone manjaro-iso-profiles

Then copy the folder /etc/manjaro-tools to your home/.config

cp -r /etc/manjaro-tools /home/$USER/manjaro-tools

Set up a pointer to the iso-profile dir

echo "run_dir=/home/$USER/manjaro-iso-profiles" > /home/$USER/manjaro-tools/iso-profiles.conf

Modify you preferred profile in /home/$USER/manjaro-iso-profiles and build it

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