How to bring back the Super + number dash shortcut?


I tried the Material Shell gnome extension, and toggled it back off.
It ate some of my settings, like the number of static workspaces I had, but that was easy to put back.
I can’t use Super + number now though. By that I mean normally I could press Super + 1, and it would launch Atom, which I have as the first favourite app in my dash. I don’t have dash to dock or dash to panel.

I can’t find any shortcuts in the settings for it. Does someone know how to get that behaviour back ?

Thank you

Those keybindings are provided by dash-to-dock and overriden by material-shell. Disable material-shell (enable pop-shell of you want tiling with this feature), enable dash-to-dock and enable this setting under the behavior tab of dash-to-dock settings

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I went in the dconf editor thingy and manually reassigned them again. but if it happens again I’ll be sure to check that

It also happened to me after updating, which is extremely annoying, when you just want to simply update your PC and ends up customized to someone’s else preferences.

Managed to go back to what it was using:

gsettings set app-hotkey-1 "['<Super>1']"
gsettings set app-hotkey-2 "['<Super>2']"
gsettings set app-hotkey-3 "['<Super>3']"
gsettings set app-hotkey-4 "['<Super>4']"
gsettings set app-hotkey-5 "['<Super>5']"
gsettings set app-hotkey-6 "['<Super>6']"
gsettings set app-hotkey-7 "['<Super>7']"
gsettings set app-hotkey-8 "['<Super>8']"
gsettings set app-hotkey-9 "['<Super>9']"
gsettings set app-hotkey-10 "['<Super>0']"

Somehow the default value for those key are now an empty string :man_shrugging:

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