How To Boot Into XPS 13 Boot Menu/Boot from USB While on Manjaro

Hi everyone,

I am currently running Manjaro (i3wm-variant) and looking to move to another distro (maybe Elementary OS) or possibly back to Windows. I installed Elementary OS on a bootable USB stick but I cannot seem to access the boot menu on my machine. On start, I’ll mash F12 to access boot options and the Dell logo would appear with a progress bar but that progress bar would be interrupted by the disk decryption prompt asking me to enter my password. I’d enter it and it’ll just take me to the Manjaro login screen. How do I access the boot menu and/or boot from USB in this situation? Any help would be really appreciated, thanks!

If it’s an UEFI installation:

$ systemctl reboot --firmware-setup

Did the trick, thanks mate

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