How to boot automatically to Manjaro?


I want my laptop (Dell Inspiron 7580 I think) to automatically boot to Manjaro KDE.

  1. The first photo shows what happens when I turn on my laptop.
  2. The second photo shows me manually going to boot menu (F12) and selecting Manjaro.
  3. Third, the screenshot shows my disk(s).

I want to also delete Windows Boot Manager & ubuntu from the UEFI Boot list.

Apparently I can’t upload images or share Imgur links.


Go to BIOS settings and remove the entries you do not want and make the Manjaro entry default.

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use ventoy to create iso for manjaro
check in bios all theses options

  • secure boot disable
  • fast boot disable
  • all disks on AHCI on
  • no CSM ,disable
  • no Legacy , disable
  • option UEFI only ( not windows )
  • optane or rst disable

if you see UEFI < USB vendor name > < partition 1> , boot for install efi ( GPT required )

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