How to be more welcoming to new users

Some of the links below might be deleted (I'm a newbie to this forum: just a little over 2 months experience) and only visible to moderators. My apologies if that would be the case.

So earlier today, I tried to warn a user that he might be buying the wrong hardware but apparently the user took offence, so:

  • I deleted my post
  • I DMed the user with an apology, pointing out that:
    • the post was in the Newbie Corner so I assumed he was a newbie
    • I added emojis: :wink: :innocent: to try and point out that I wasn't belittling them, just assuring they didn't buy the wrong hardware.
  1. Where did I go wrong?
  2. How can I improve myself as I'm not human and human interaction sometimes baffles me.

:sob: :scream:
:wink: :innocent:


Feels like amazonas :slight_smile: spam | promotion.

But ... sun is shining go out and relax a little bit :slight_smile:


If the new user isn't friendly you don't need to be welcoming.
The moderators and community expect you to be neutral and not answer in the same way.
You can flag a post and the moderators will take care of the new user with the wrong attitude.

Besides: The whole topic is against forum rules.
The OP should ask the question in the online shop or at a specialized hardware forum.


65-75% of human communication is non-verbal. Forums of any type are incapable of transmitting the emotions behind the written word. Emoticons are a poor substitute.

Look, I invariably piss-off at least one person per day here. It's not usually intentional but at best, even the most innocent of posts can be easily misinterpreted. (Me, thumbnails & a horribly insulted @Kreon comes to mind lately).

You are responsible for your own feelings and nobody elses. To believe otherwise sets yourself up as a false deity. :wink:



That thread is by my roommate and other that posting the links there was and is nothing wrong with it. I can see exactly why he addressed you like he did.

Asking for suggestions on hardware so as not to purchase something by mistake that won't work has no business not being allowed. Now as I said in the pm I sent you yes maybe he should of just listed the models and not the links.

Maybe. Some amout of friendlyness and politeness and less "leetness" can also help to stay "below the radar" of the moderators even with product recommendations requests.


Fixed. :smirk:

Sometimes some people get pissed/emotional for not much, bad days can happen to anyone, new and old members. And as said previously, flagging is usually a better option than adding fuel to the fire.


Before I flag something, I need to be pissed off myself, which never happens as I cannot be insulted in English as it's only my third or fourth language depending on how you count.

I was just trying to understand:

  • Did I do something wrong? (Apparently I didn't)
  • How can I change my behaviour so this won't happen again? (Apparently I can't: I'll piss someone off sometime in the future for reasons beyond my control. I'm only expected to be neutral, so next time I'll respond quite neutrally to a piss-off instead of deleting my post and apologising for something that is beyond my control...)

:popcorn: :innocent:


From thread referred to:

With comments such as above it is no wonder that your roommate received the responses that were given.

Not trying to start a big argument here, but generally you will not find a more helpful forum than Manjaro's in the Linux world. The thread in question had high quality suggestions from numerous helpers including @c00ter.

I would have personally torn a strip off of any user I was attempting to help that copped an attitude of entitlement like that exhibited on the linked thread.

Generally Manjaro's forum is super friendly, but it is getting inundated by many inexperienced Linux first timers because of the demise of Windows 7. Everyone bends over backwards to help new users on this forum. However if you display a lack of motivation to search for your own answers or to learn how Linux works you will likely get blow back from helpers who get tired of users like this. If you display an attitude of entitlement on a free volunteer supported technical help forum you can justifiably expect to get static back.

You get what you give. If you come off as uncooperative, ungrateful, lazy, unwilling to do your own research, along with an attitude of entitlement you will not receive a warm welcome in almost any walk of life. Free volunteers tire of running into users such as this quite quickly. The forum is flooded with help requests, and polite, self motivated users generally get all the help they'll ever need on the Manjaro forum.

If you run into any negativity on the Manjaro forum it is usually a reflection of a poor attitude on the part of the person attempting to get help. Of course language barriers and nuances not being transferred properly to text does unfortunately lead to misunderstandings at times.

Generally though, when expecting free assistance with anything in life, the onus is on the person asking for help to be extra polite and cooperative (not the other way around IMO).


'' How to be more welcoming to new users''

Between Linux questions and help-request, I'd like to invite them over to the Drinking thread, to grab a beer, chill out, listen to some good music and post in the Music thread.



This is one of the reasons (though absolutely not the only one) why I'm going to leave the forum at the end of the month...

Fabby, I don't think you have done anything wrong.
For the rest, @tbg is spot on.


Apart from the rants about some misbehaved new forum members, I would say what helps IMO to be welcoming

  • A few kind word like "Welcome to the forum! To join the forum means that you get your problems solved with 90% chance."
  • Try to find out what the user actually wants to achieve. Suggest alternatives.
  • Don't suggest too complicated solutions! If you suggest a complicated solution, provide a step-by-step guide.
  • If you want to make the user use the search function do it with friendly words: "I mean to remeber a similar issue has been discussed recently. Try the forum search, you might find quickly! If not I will try as soon as I have time."

I hope your departure is only a temporary one @anon23612428. You will be sorely missed. All the best, from all your friends on the forum..


I’ll have to check to see if we can mute users.

Hah, we can mute users. Don’t worry your safe @Fabby

Now this brings to memory of some new user last year who kept demanding our help and didn't listen to us all about what information we needed to help him. The dude wasn't at all polite and I gotten a War of Words with him. I also wasn't the only one who waged this.

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Click on my avatar, it will take you to my profile. Then click normal>drops down to show mute option.

I'm scared :sweat:


I'm muted and responding. I was able to see your reply by the way

I think I can guess who we're both going to block soon :wink:

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