How to be anonymous?

Hello. please advise me. I switched completely to Linux. I want privacy. What can I do to be anonymous on the Internet? how to hide your IP? which VPN to use? Or what programs to use?

Now I use - BRAVE and duckduckgo browser.

privacy is a fantasy
if your on the internet someone can see you.

disable cookies, javascript, grab a good adblock that scrubs your info.
stay away from bad sites.

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And still you’ll be fingerprinted and tracked…


See this guide :wink:


“A strange game. The only winning move is not to play”
that tells it all right there.


Check out this website

Be careful when asking for privacy or anonymity without fully understanding what they entail.

For instance, you can’t fully hide your IP as it is required to establish a connection over the Internet. Using a VPN does hide your IP from the targeted server, and does prevent your ISP from knowing what you are accessing, but the VPN service still does know your IP in order to route back the connection to you.
Furthermore, as stated previously, some services have other means to consistently link you back outside of your IP.

Protecting your privacy will still require you to place your trust in some services that, when actually malevolent, can trace you back and violate that privacy.
A good question to ask yourself when using such services is : what is their business model ? Some services does not try to make a profit from it – which is most often the case with FOSS. Others make a profit through paid purchases/subscription ; such payment can be enough to be sustainable and thus may be trusted not to sell your data. Others do not require payment from their users but still try to make a profit from it – like Google, Facebook, etc. ; those most certainly sell your data in some way and are thus to be avoided.

What i described above is just a first step. Privacy can be further “enhanced” through some tools and services, as you suspect. It is up to you to stay vigilant which to use.


Use another person’s computer and NEVER log in to anything. Oh, and turn off your smartphone as well, as that will probably decimate all of your best efforts to be anonymous, unless it’s a burner phone.

Very simple, first you will have to downloads what we call TAILS OS. Then create a live image on a usb stick you will actually boot from the USB not your primary OS.
Tails Os run on TOR network aka the dark web, on Tails OS you will be totally anonymous, you wont need a VPN or even have to Hide your IP…
The system is compromise? Well throw or flash the usb in the toilet!
With anonymous come also not practical for example Tails Os kind of reset itself at every reboot! So you won’t be using it as a daily driver but you will feel very safe!
It’s also wont leave any trace on your SSD or HD pretty cool!
Good luck!

Get rid of Brave which is an erzatz of Chrome adding it’s own way of advertiser’s exploitation.

Get rid of DuckDuckGo which is just an erzatz of Bing plus yahoo stuff.

Use Firefox with propper safety (Ublock Origin, LocalCDN, Site Bleacher…)
and use Goo while cleaning history cache & cookies after your sessions (you’l b better of than with an erzatz)

I use NextDNS in addition to have true DNS & ad/script protection, you can use more open source stuff like pi-hole.

Yeah, no. You can’t just say “get rid of Brave and DDG” and then go on to recommend Firefox, the browser that is in bed with Google and is basically just an ersatz (correct way of writing that word btw) of Chrome if you wanna go by your skewed logic.

In reality there is no perfect web browser, and there is also no perfect search engine.

Best scenario if you want better privacy would just be to use the Tor Browser with Searx.

Oh ! a lecturer !!

Danke, daĂź Sie mich daran erinnern, wie man Ersatz buchstabiert

For the remaining, you should first inquire before writing nonsense.

  • Firefox uses Gecko
  • Chrome, Chromium, and all other bogus chrome (Brave, Opera…) are using Blink

Searx is a metaengine…
As said, a properly managed browser (Firefox) session using Goo will be more efficient and more privacy concsious than any fake Goo…

If one really want to test the outcome of alternative search engines, it’s possible to test carrot2, Exalead, Presearch Peekier or Metager… (That’s what you should have inquired…)

For “sleeping with Goo shaming”, you are crossing a perilous border:

Btw, Tor is using Firefox’s engine: Gecko.

Wait, you weren’t suggesting this Goo?

:rofl: Nope, was just not giving opportunity to original to register autosatisfaction :wink:


To be really anonymous is kind of impossible I guess.
You can use VPN (make sure there’s no DNS leakage), Tor, reject cookies, disable JS, trash your smartphone, etc.
Pretty much it is anonymity vs. convenience…



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Yeah, also no. If you just start using Firefox without changing any settings it’s still just as bad as using Chrome. You’re sending a ton of telemetry data and you’ll have Google as your default search engine. So not only do you have a unique fingerprint, you’re also having a complete profile based on your web searches and websites you visit being created.

And while the Tor Browser is based on Firefox ESR, it isn’t Firefox. Not even close. The Tor Browser isn’t spying on you the same way Firefox is. Hell, not even Brave is spying on you the same way Firefox is. At least with Brave you don’t have to put up with awful internet ads while browsing, something Firefox doesn’t even do by default.

Yeah, I’m aware that the Linux Foundation is being funded by literally every anti-christ on the planet. That means nothing. Google/Microsoft/Amazon/etc aren’t using the Linux kernel to spy on you lol. Google doesn’t shove their terrible search engine/browser down your throat just by using the kernel they’re sponsoring.