How to batch rename burst photos?

Hi, i’ve been trying to rename photos that are taken in burst of 8 or more in a second…so, the problem is that the software to rename only gives me up to seconds to rename, but when they are in the same second…marks error and only renames the first one :S, i’ve tried a lot of options, but with no success, the most known are:

  • Rapid Photo Downloader (My personal favourite)
  • Krename

The naming i’m looking for is DATE and TIME like this:
2022-02-28 14.54.00.arw (YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS.ext)

Any help would be awesome!

Do you have time to fill the bug upstream?

An example of the actual current filenames of a few such bursts -
where you know where one burst starts and where it ends and how many belong to one burst -
could be helpful :wink:

no screenshots, please
the output of
ls -hl ...
should do

How? where? by the way, i found an option that could solve the problem, but it won’t work as it’s supposed, cause the renaming is done in an awkward order :S , i mean, what i really see in the secuence is something like: 1,2,5,6,7,3,9,4,8 or something like that, so it’s no useful :frowning: …and here is the link of the photos, it’s a jump and you can see the secuence makes no sense :S

I’m no programer, can you tell me what i should do? i’ve reported it also in the Rapid Photo Downloader app…and here is the link of the photos, it’s a jump and you can see the secuence makes no sense :S

no need to be one

I already did suggest to provide info that could help others to help you.
ls -hl ...
list a few of the filenames and tell how you know which of these belong together

no need to share your actual photos …

Je…i said that cause i didn’t understand that of ls -hl … so i’ve put that on the terminal and this is what happened :stuck_out_tongue:

How i know they belong together? cause they are taken in the same seconds…one or two seconds they share time…and if you see the secuence, it’s a jump…from point A to pont B and if you scroll on them, you can see that it travels in time back and forward because the order is wrong :S That’s why i shared the photos, so you can see them :S

do that
ls -hl
from inside the directory your photos are in …
What I suggested was to list the names of the photos - and info on how you determine which belong to one burst

I’m not familiar with these things - just trying to find a way to help

If you don’t know which photos belong to one burst - how would an app know …?

There likely is software for that - but I don’t know ii.

Ok, i didn’t know how to put myself on that folder, but now i know…did that ls -hl and this are the same photos before renaming and with the correct order:
And this is what shows in the renamed ones:

And the how i know they are in a particular order, because of time, but don’t know if it has thousandths of a second…but in lightroom never had this problem of displaying the images correctly and renaming them :S

This is from the Rapid Photo Downloader documentation:

Representation of Exposure Time

For photographers, exposure times of less than one second are normally expressed in fraction form, e.g. 1/125. This format is not helpful when naming files, because the forward slash is an illegal filename character for some operating systems. To work around this problem, Rapid Photo Downloader formats exposure times without using the forward slash:

  • For exposures less than one second but more than or equal to one tenth of a second, the result is formatted as a one character length integer e.g. 3 represents 3/10 of a second
  • For exposures less than one tenth of a second, the result is formatted as an integer e.g. for an exposure that was 1/125 of a second, the value is 125
  • For exposures greater than or equal to one second, the value is formatted as an integer with a trailing s e.g. 30s represents 30 seconds

If you have this feature enabled, it could explain why the photos are named so seemingly randomly. It does appear you can turn the “Representation of Exposure Time” metadata tag off.

It also appears naming with subseconds (as you mentioned) is supported, and that would likely be more appropriate for your usecase. See here: Rapid Photo Downloader: Documentation

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That’s interesting, but not the case, i’m not using exposure time in the filename, so it shouldn’t affect it right? :face_with_diagonal_mouth: and tried to add subseconds at the end, but still incorrect order :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Well, found a solution even though it’s not the best i think, but it works, contacted the creator of Rapid Photo Downloader and told me to change my naming convention, it’s now a little bit larger but it works.

Look for it here: How to batch rename burst photos in the correct order? - #10 by SolidCapo - Rapid Photo Downloader -

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