How to backup and send database file to another server from Ubuntu

Hi i am a new user to this forum. i am using Ubuntu 16.04 as my web server. I am just started to migrate my website to another server. So i need to send database file to another server from my current Ubuntu server. I have refered scp command for this operation. But somehow its not working properly on my server. Is someone here know any another way to do this operation. To export my database file i am using mysqldump command.

is a text file (gz or not), here is a one shot (migrate) so you can transfer as all your html files (ftp,ssh, ...)
or, if you have phpmyadmin, you can import database directly from local

its .sql file i have referred migrate mysql database .

i dont have phpmyadmin

Hey there I was reading your question and I came across with 1 answer I think it will help but please do let me know if it not works,

We can rsync mysql database folder /var/lib/mysql to another server. Mysql versions should be same and server should be shutdown.

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