How to avoid installing the Intel Spectre patch?


How can one avoid installing the update to fix this flaw? is it just the intel microcode package or is it now unavoidable to avoid because it’s also in the kernel updates so system will be slower regardless?

I’m not the average user so performance penalty is great on my local server dev machine. MUCH slower.


Spectre fixes do not reduce performance (noticeably).

The Meltdown fix (KPTI patches) may reduce performance (noticeably).

To disable KPTI, pass nopti to the kernel during boot (i.e. via the GRUB boot line).

However, as I’m sure you know, doing so would generally be a Bad Idea™. Are you sure you want to risk it? And in developing this way, what happens when you deploy to production and find performance “lower” than your development machine?

Best practice would be to develop on a system that as closely matches production as possible (whatever that is).

There’s no such thing.

However, you should read this thread for all the details: Kernel Page-Table Isolation (KPTI) - severe ARM + Intel CPU bug, hits partly AMD.


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