How to automatically mount network share upon connecting to my home wifi network?

I think it might involve systemd, but when I connect to my specified network, I want to mount my network drive (which is a usb drive plugged into my router)

I already have the mounting part working, I have it set up as a bash alias, but obviously having it mount automatically would be better.

Does anyone know how to do this? I saw some related articles but nobody was able to figure it out in the threads I saw.

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mount in fstab, read wiki for net options

how you mount ? protocol is smtp ?

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=admin // ~/readyshare

all I need is for this command to run every time I connect to my network, and I prefer a command line approach :slight_smile:

The easiest is probably a NM dispatcher script that starts after NM established a connection to your network. You can specify the network connection, but it needs to be unique for your home network.


Adding this line to your /etc/fstab file the share will be mounted on demand (when you access to it) that is the recommended option:
// ~/readyshare cifs _netdev,nofail,username=admin,x-systemd.automount 0 0

If you need that this share to be always mounted, simply remove the x-systemd.automount part:
// ~/readyshare cifs _netdev,nofail,username=admin 0 0

I just want to add that this method will always try to mount. It does not depend on the network your system is currently connected to.

I know this doesn’t exactly answer @WinterMadness’ question, but I think it might work.

I think using the mount on demand method will prevent the system from trying to mount it if the ~/readyshare directory is not browsed. Still, the “_netdev” and “nofail” options would prevent problems whether you are not connected to any network, or to foreign networks.

But I may be wrong.

Your solution will work and it is the recommend solution if your system is always connected to the same network.

But imagine the system is not connected to your home network. For example a school/university, work or café network. In these cases you usually don’t want your system to try to connect to a IP you don’t know anything about. If your lucky the IP is not reachable in this network. But what if the IP is assigned to a system? Do you want your system to send the authentication information for your Home Network share to this system?
In these cases a system should not try to attempt to mount a share.

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my idea is that I should be able to check the SSID & whether or not I am currently connected, then decide to run the script

if the SSID doesnt match mine, then it simply doesnt do anything

It is not automatically, if you personally wish to check to SSID and then decide to run a script.

In NM, every connection has its own UUID. Use nmcli connection show . In a dispatcher script you can do a if statement to check the UUID and then run commands or not. Read the Arch Wiki article, it describes how a script can look like.

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