How to associate all Microsoft office files to WPS office applications?


I have WPS office installed from AUR in KDE version of Manjaro, which is fully updated.

By default all the Microsoft office files are considered as zip files and hence associated to Ark application.
There is no way to change the association to WPS office applications using the properties dialog box.

There was already a thread regarding this, where the last comment was by me. There is confusion with the solution proposed. Are we supposed to delete the Libreoffice xml file only or the 3 WPS xml files only or delete both?

Kindly clarify the process and oblige us.

.xlsx and .docx files are opened as zip file
Hi! Having a problem with mimes (i think)

Can someone write an end to end solution? I mean we need to remove openoffice xml file or the WPs xml files? then waht to do? Please help


No reply till date.
Is there no one else who is facing same problem?


This is the solution.


should I remove the libreoffice file ( file?


If i remember correctly, then no, only the wps ones.


(reorganised the threads a bit and moved this one to #technical-issues-and-assistance:aur as it’s an issue with an AUR application, not a repo package)


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