How to assign Super_L+arrows to Home/End/PgUp/PgDown?

On one of my keyboards Fn+arrows doesn’t work unfortunately (while Fn+Fx does). So, is it possible to assign Super_L+arrows to Home/End/PgUp/PgDown? Super_L here is a button with 133 scancode.

Do note that your DE might have its own mechanism that interferes with this, if you do then simply unassign the corresponding key combo in your DE’s settings. xbindkeys will tell you if there’s any conflict, though, so make sure you test your config file by using xbindkeys -n -v before you put xbindkeys in your autostart list. But if you use xmodmap, there’s no such a help, so be careful.

Above info is great. I always check Arch wiki as well for more specific manjaro information.

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