How to apply patch to Manjaro kernel?

Hello there!

Currently trying to apply this patch to get my 5700 XT to stop hanging so much

Following this: How to compile the mainline Kernel the Manjaro way

Question, I just git cloned the directory, do I just go and drop in my .xyz.patch file where all the other .patch files are, then follow the rest?

You have to add the patch to sources array in PKGBUILD, and apply it in prepare() section.
Or ask @philm to add it to the official kernel.

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Oh I see, so I add the patch along with the other .patch ones in the same directory and I then simply add the name of the file to there?

Is it ok if it's .xyz.patch and not just .patch like the other ones?

Simply look at the other patches already included and do the same for your patch.
In sources, add the name of the patch, in prepare, add a line just like the others e.g. patch -Np1 -i ../name-of-patch.patch.
And update the checksums with updpkgsums.


Sorry for bothering so much, I simply run this command in the linux54 directory?

In the directory where the PKGBUILD resides.

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Alright, thank you so much and sorry for asking so many questions, never done this before

Note that if you install this kernel without further modifications, it will (probably?) overwrite the existing Manjaro kernel with the same name.

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