How to add startup command in KDE

Looks like Autostart doesn’t have a option to add a command. Is there any way to add command without creating shell script? If not then how can I make shell script to run ibus-daemon at startup?

You have that in Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Autostart
And you hit the + Add… button down the settings window, select Application and you put the command that starts your program. ibus-daemon (if that is the start command of it)
You can also add to start trough /etc/xdg/autostart/ with a desktop file.

manjaro-asian-imput-support-ibus package provides that already.


I know I can select the application but that won’t work for me. Cause ibus-daemon is not a application program. I just need to run ibus-daemon at startup.

The it must have a service:
systemctl enable ibus
systemctl enable ibus-daemon

then check
systemctl status ibus

Put " ibus-daemon -drx " on the Command in your IBus Preferences at Applications from Autostart.
It’s working for my KDE. :slight_smile:

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