How to add mutiple similar named packages to conflicts in a PKGBUILD?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but this section looked like the best place. I want to create a PKGBUILD for a new libadwaita theme, I anticipate that there will be a lot of them. All names sill be similar, just adding the main color. But they cant co exist. Is there a way to use some kind of wild card in the conflicts list to avoid adding each one and having to rebuild all the themes when a new one is created? I have tried to add the obvious *, but the package build errors out.
Second question, how would I add files to a home directory? The themes would need to go in ~/.config/gtk-4.0 and I have never had to add files to a home directory and so far I havent found the info searching.

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  1. use same provides key for all (my_generic_theme_without_color) [wiki], can use also replaces key
  2. not possible to write in home
    At you to add text in .install (ex: run /xxxx/mytheme/ for merge config in ~/.config/gtk-4.0 ) - add also a text for uninstall…

Thanks for the info. The provides works nicely. Now I just have to figure out how to get the files into a users home directory with the .install. So far all my attempts have placed them in /root/.config. This is likely because the package is being installed by root with sudo.

Hi @Jim.B,

Look here, I believe this will help:


Installing a package from the package manager and/or building a package to install, should not mess around in a specific user’s personal home folder.

The reason is the package is a libadwaita theme. As I understand from what I have read the only place it can be stored to override the default theme in libadwaita is to place it in ~/.config/gtk-4.0. I have tried it in other locations and it doesnt work. Believe me, if I could place it in a system location I would to avoid other problems like it only working for one user.

Thanks, but I have solved it by using the “users” command to set a variable.