How to add kernels like linux-zen or linux-hardened in manjaro repository ( eg. pacman, pamac,....)?

Currently, i’m using Linux-zen kernal
And it’s performing excellent in my PC
But the problem is that
I can’t update my kernel through package manager when update is rolled out

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Answering the topic title

You cannot.


You can’t. Install Arch if you really want these Kernel-packages. Manjaro is not Arch. Manjaro provides it’s own Kernels.


That is correct - you will have to rebuild the kernel package when you want to update.

I do something similar from time to time.

At present I am running custom build kernel (linux-clear) - the idea of compiling your own kernel is that you can get a kernel optimised for and matching your system - instead of a generic kernel.

But with those benefits comes the task of maintenance.

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