How to add an UFW status icon to the panel


With this recipe you can add an icon to your panel showing the state of UFW.
Requisites , install yad and gufw

sudo pacman -S yad gufw

Then copy this bash script:

to some directory (example /home/$USER/Documents)

cd /home/${USER}/Documents


chmod +x

and goto settings->session and startup->application autostart->add

Name: UFW icon
Description: Will show an icon on status bar with state of UFW
Command: /home/username/Documents/

Note: above, substitute “username” with your username, to know your username open terminal and enter : echo $USER

Finally, logout and login again… you will see an new icon showing the state of your firewall (UFW)

Note: I’m using MOKA icon theme. The icon theme you use must have two icons named:
security-high and security-low

You can select the icon you prefer changing lines into script. See where is said “security-high” and “security-low” and replace it with your favourite icon (use full path is needed)

Note: If you click over the icon, gufw gui will be launch :wink:

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