How to add a startup application with a delay from the command line on Manjaro Cinnamon?

I want to add a command to a post-install script to add programs to the startup applications with a delay. I don’t know if the startup applications is a manjaro thing or it’s only on cinnamon. I’m using cinnamon. Bonus points if the commands have idempotency. That means executing the script twice wouldn’t add the application to the startup applications twice.

Most basic way to add a delay is to make the process sleep a bit.

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That didn’t answer my question.

The use of the phrase bonus pont indicates a reward for accomplishing a challenge and the forum is not for such challenges.

And since it took you three months to read the comment - it cannot be that important - especially since you can find the answer by searching the internet.

You can use a desktop file in .config autostart or you can use a systemd timer which only executes once.

By bonus points I mean I would prefer to know how to do it that way.

I read it then and was waiting to see if someone else answered. I was just bumping the question now.

That is rather specific and implies that you do have that post install script - but do not know how to have it execute with a delay.
The mention of “sleep” should have been enough, really.

sleep 10m && systemctl suspend
for example
will suspend your system with a 10 minute delay

Or you could have shared the script which you do not know how to modify to be executed with a delay.

My bad, didn’t express myself correctly.

The answer was

cat << EOF > ~/.config/autostart/
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=tag mount VFS
Name[en_US]=Mount Supertag VFS
Comment[en_US]=No description

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