How to add a new language to manjaro's grub menu?

Hello! I’m trying to build a custom manjaro based system these days and I’d like to ask if I can add a new language to manjaro’s grub loader menu. For example, I want to change the text “Boot with open source drivers” to its equivalent in my language. Thank you :slight_smile:

That is part of the grub-theme-live-manjaro package. Since its during boot, its before the OS is active so changing languages through language settings in the OS likely wont work. You will likely have to edit the files and make a new package.

I was mistaken, its the grub-theme-live-common package. It has its own locales and you can set it to default to a specific language in the defaults.cfg.

For the Manjaro default theme you could modify it manually for example in /usr/share/grub/themes/manjaro/theme.txt there are localized strings.
But what you want to change is not GRUB theme, it is the GRUB menu itself. Probably that How to change the language settings of grub? - #2 by linux-aarhus or this How to build Manjaro ISO with modified grub parameters? - #4 by RicardoSimoes?

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You would have to modify the files installed by grub-theme-live-manjaro package.

Build the spin without creating the final ISO

buildiso -x -p <your-profile-name>

After you have modified the files in the buildroot - assemble the ISO using

buildiso -zc -p <your-profile-name>
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I’ve tried to change the default config in the “livefs/usr/share/grub”. But its still english :confused:

Btw my language is not in the lang menu of the grub menu. But it’s locale file is in the locale folder.

What is the locale for the language you want to use? Normally the live file system for Manjaro buildiso profiles is in a folder called live-overlay, not livefs, did you change it?

It is tr_TR. And no, I’m using -x option to get the build before final iso.

If your placing the defaults.cfg file in /usr/share/grub its in the wrong place, it should go in /usr/share/grub/cfg.
For one off testing the -x option is workable. But over time its just going to be an extra step you will have to repeat with each release. You can avoid it by placing the defaults.cfg file in the Live-Overlay/usr/share/grub/cfg folder where it automatically replaces the file and builds the iso in one step.