How to add a global Gnome Extension, also for future users?

By default, Gnome has 3-finger system-wide touch gestures. This does not make sense to me (and many others). It should be 4-fingers. This way, 3-finger gestures can be used within applications such as browsers.

To do this, all one needs to do is install this Gnome extension - no configuration of that extension is needed: GitHub - harshadgavali/gnome-gesture-improvements: Touchpad gesture improvements for GNOME on Wayland/X11

However, whether installed via browser or manually: it is only installed for the current user. How can I install it globally for all users that might be created in the future?
Gnome Help isn’t very helpful for Manjaro as I cannot do step 4, that path does not exist:

Since Manjaro Gnome already includes several global Gnome extensions by default, how can I add 1 extension to that list and make sure this extension is also activated for future users?

You’re not the first to mention that handy extension. Your request has been fulfilled.



Thanks so much!!
Now if only it would become default part of Manjaro Gnome… strangely X11 Gestures is still installed by default, even though it does not work on Wayland…

Hey, you asked for it to be in the AUR, not the Manjaro repos. :wink: Also having conflicting gesture extensions wouldn’t work out very well. Gestures work out of the box in a Wayland session. In Xorg, they do not.

But that is my point, the old X11 shouldn’t be installed by default anymore, since Wayland is default :slight_smile: Anyway, just my 2 cents of perception.

For users with NVIDIA cards, Xorg is default (for now). They would have no gestures out of the box if it wasn’t installed.

Oh I didn’t know that! Thanks

  1. Clone your own version of manjaro-gnome-settings repo
  2. Edit the settings schema to have 1 more extension
  3. Compile your own version of the package and make it conflict with the official version
  4. Install the package

This is probably the cleanest option.

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