How to access windows drive from live usb

I am running Manjaro kde live usb on a microsoft surface pro and want to save the documents from the windows drive to a flash drive before installing. In dolphin, whentrying to open the basic data partition (windows drive) it asks for a password. Does anyone know what that password might be to access the drive?

Is this an arm based device? If yes then you will not be able to run Manjaro on the device.

You windows credentials

Its not an arm device. Its running just fine on live usb drive. just want to save all the files from the windows drive before wiping it. Windows creds. dont seem to work, thanks for the suggestion

If you windows credentials is not working - maybe you should disable bitlocker - this might why you can’t mount the device.

But nonetheless - why don’t you boot to windows and save the files while you are in windows?

well that sucks. Windows wants a recovery key for bitlocker. cant even boot windows. The owner has no clue what bitlocker is, so getting the key is nearly impossible. Probably cant even wipe the drive without it. Unless someone knows a workaround for that, his surface pro is probably a paper weight. I guess Ill try to format it and see what happens

As it is Windows there is probably a solution to force entry. Maybe something like that How to unlock BitLocker encrypted drive without password/recovery key?

I got it… I was able to find his microsoft account and get the bitlocker key code. Went back into winblows and turned it off. Going to install manjaro now. Have full access to disk from live usb now. Thank you for your response.

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This OS is a joke LOL

Took my 5 seconds by searching ‘Windows bypass bitlocker’


yep, I saw probably the same thing you did right before he gave me the password to his microsoft account. It was just a little quicker to go back in and turn it off. A joke is putting it lightly!

already installed and logged in baby!!

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