How should I update Fadein?

Hi everybody

I’m new to Manjaro and a while ago I had issues installing Fadein.

Since I had a lot of work, I skipped the last Update but I have to install
the new Version (4.0.11) because my co-writers updated it.

Should I download fadein-linux-amd64-demo.tar.gz or is there a other maybe
easier way?

Thanks so much for your help! Have a great day

The answer is right in the solution to the post that you referenced here.

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I prefer to use git to check out … that way you can do it again later … ex:

(maybe start from a particular directory like ~/Downloads/aur/)

git clone
cd fadein
makepkg -sric

In the future you can again from the fadein directory

git pull
makepkg -sric

Hi! The links is for the version 4.0.09 and I tried and got an error validity check. I’m sorry

This also leads to the problem that the version is 4.0.09 and I get an error with the validity check.

please run updpkgsums before makepkg again, or you can manually download and get the sums and apply them to the PKGBUILD, or as in the other thread you can use --skipchecksums with makepkg if you just want to … well skip the check.


Thanks for your answer. I didn’t get it, I tried the commands but the version still was 4.0.09.
I just reinstalled the new version manually.