How should i update a package built with PKGBUILD?

i installed Vmware from the AUR with git clone and makepkg -is.
i see in pamac that there’s an upgrade available;
is there something specific i should do,or doing it through pamac is ok?

i also have optimus-manager-qt i installed from the AUR,but i installed it through pamac and upgrade it from there.

is there a difference between installing an AUR package the way i did with Vmware vs doing it from pamac,or is it the same?

It’s the same unless you modified the PKGBUILD.

there were some instructions in the PKGBUILD about commenting or un-commenting some lines for extra functionalities which i did.
so if i do it in pamac then i have to do it again in the “build files”/PKGBUILD?

Yes. What I do when I modify a PKGBUILD is add it to a custom group called modified so an AUR helper like pamac or yay doesn’t update it:




IgnoreGroup = modified

AUR helpers will still check for updates and let you know there is one but it’s ignoring it. Then you know when to manually update it.


Great tip @Yochanan. I don’t install a lot of AUR packages, but I almost want to do that for any that I do install.

where should i add the groups=('modified') line in the PKGBUILD?
i saw i could also edit /etc/pacman.conf and add the name of the package to the IgnorePkg line.

For my own continuity, I put my all of my groups= array right after pkgdesc.

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You can put the groups() array anywhere really, but it’s easier to see near the top.

Well sure, that’s also an option. Using the custom group makes it easier to keep track of for me since I have quite a few modified PKGBUILDs.

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Thank you
i ended up upgrading through pamac and editing the build files there.
i tried “git pull” first, but i got a warning or error about PKGBUILD and swap or commit(i don’t remember) and didn’t know what to do/choose.