How should I opt into the steam Client Beta?

After applying the latest update, I have a question:

  • How to install the “steam beta client”?

I only find the official Steam-manjaro client in PAMAC.
Trying to update the steam client inside steam does not change anything.

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I’m having the same problem with Steam showing a black screen.
I think I’ll wait for a Steam update for that since last time I used the Steam beta client I had problems with my controllers.
Is there a way that a package update could solve that or I’m better of waiting for a Steam client update?

Through a setting within Steam.

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It’s a setting inside the client to opt in…

  1. From the client menu… Steam=>Settings
  2. Inside Settings on the account tab, opt into the beta client

I’d also found it useful to also go down to the “Steam Play” tab and ENABLE “Steam Play for all other titles” using proton experimental.


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One issue with steam UI not rendering, you need to opt-in to beta:

In case anyone was already opted into steam beta, I switched back to the “no beta” branch and then opted in the beta again. That worked.

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I was already using Steam Beta and got the black screens too. I just clicked on the menu in Steam “Steam/Check for Steam Client updates” and it found an update. After installing it and restarting Steam, everything functions normal back.

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