How should I install Manjaro future-proof on a BIOS machine

Hello everyone!
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Before I make any new topic, id likes to try to reach out for someone in this community for support.

First things first.
I’m having quite a prehistorical PC.
The motherboard is XFX nforce 790i sli that is a 2008 motherboard with the Xeon modified CPU.

So lately I started to look for some options to do a new core look and a bit to increase the performance to my oldie here. I started to look for alternatives and since its tight with the options then I saw the many options of Linux distros.

From my research then I found Manjaro and by comparing the Mint, I understand that Manjaro performs a bit better so my second main question it now…

Im i able to instal and become a full user of Manjaro distro?
As far I understand then the main problem that I will face is the Legacy BIOS issue because the i790 motherboard physically does not have UEFI chip on its board.

If I may, I’m attaching the PC HW screen on how dues my oldie live here…
Please be gentle :slight_smile:
Or could someone post a reply link to Legacy BIOS instal

Mob: nVidia nForce 790i Ultra SLI (C73) + MCP55P(XE)
CPU: Harpertown SLANR Intel Xeon E5472 LGA771 (FC-LGA8)
BIOS: Microcode 60F at C0 (6.00 PG) 06/25/2008
UEFI BIOS: Not Capable

Thank you in advance.

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for that on any De linux distro
==> boot in bios
==> Format with GPT partition
and keep first partition not formatted 8Mo with flag bios_grub
others should be /boot ( about 1Go ) and see for / and the rest

calamares do that

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