How should I Disable Clipboard History (cliphist) on sway x86?

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TL;DR: How can I disable the clipboard history? (Manjaro Sway, x86_64)

I recently switched from i3 to sway (on 64 Bit - not ARM). I discovered (too late) that Manjaro Sway is using a clipboard history - and not only that it also persists this history on disk. That is as bad as it can get for passwords.

How can I disable the clipboard history? I didn’t find much about this. I stumbled across ‘cliphist’ (which is doing the persistence part) but wasn’t able to disable it.

I would be glad for every help. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Have you tried:

pamac remove --no-save cliphist


(I’m on KDE and don’t have cliphist, so I can only point you in the right direction)


Hi Fabby,

thanks for the reply! Yes, I actually tried that but another package depends on that one:

$ sudo pamac remove --no-save cliphist
Checking dependencies...

To remove (2):
  manjaro-sway-settings  1.0.0-1  (Depends On: cliphist)  community
  cliphist               0.1.0-1                          manjaro-sway

Total removed size: 1,8 MB

Apply transaction ? [y/N] 

Because ‘manjaro-sway-settings’ sounds rather important I decided not to remove that as well.

@Strit @spikerguy Is the manjaro-sway-settings dependency on cliphist a hard setting or a soft one? (I’m out of my league on ARM now)


I don’t think we have that package in ARM. The OP is on X64, so maybe @Chrysostomus knows, as he packaged it?

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@boredland, I summon thee! @simonb, do you know of this matter?

I guess removing this line (from /etc/sway/config.d/99-autostart-applications.conf) should do it:


Hi everyone,

thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it.

@moson s solution is working. I just deleted the line, rebooted et voilá: cliphist keeps quiet.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry, apparently my notifications don’t work here in the forum. So in my eyes there are two issues:

  • cliphist is not an optional dependeny, which it should be
  • a general concern regarding passwords in clipboards/history

For the latter I don’t think I have an idea that provides a really secure way, since copy&paste is inherently insecure. But we at least could

  1. Offer a purge command
  2. Purge automatically on shutdown & boot

Tracking here: cliphist optimizations · Issue #175 · Manjaro-Sway/manjaro-sway · GitHub

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little update:

you can now opt into purging on shutdown.