How often to update(daily/weekly/monthly)?

its my 1st time using an arch based distro , back in mint i updated once in a month or two

but how often should i update my apps and OS in manjaro
should i update daily or weekly or monthly??

Update whenever updates are available. Just be sure to setup Timeshift so that you can revert to a backup if anything goes wrong.


When updates are available they will show up.
You are on the ‘stable’ branch. Before any big update ALWAYS read the announcement for the update.
You can find it here.


Stable branch usually have one updates every 1-2 months.
Unstable are more frequent than that. They have updates every week or two.
Testing are as frequent as arch. Usually almost everyday.

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whenever I receive updates. also, before updating I always check #announcements to see if there are any issues but for me the updates are always smooth, no issues at all.

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More importantly, do a daily Timeshift snapshot - so whenever you do update you’ll be able to roll back.

Nope, it’s the other way around. Stable branch receives updates like once or twice a month when it has been validated on Testing branch, Testing receives updates from Unstable in ‘batch’ when it’s ready for testing, and Unstable receive updates from Arch when they come basically.

About the updates, do them AFTER you read the announcement thread (the first and second posts AT LEAST, follow the link above to announcement forum and you can click the bell on top right of page, and select Watch First Post to receive a forum notification when a new update is announced), and do the updates when they come. You can maybe wait a day or two to be on the safer side, in case some major issue arises with the mass of people applying the update (yes issues sometimes appear in an update, because the people on Testing/Unstable are not many, and it is impossible to have a wide variety of hardware/software combos and find all issues, but to be fair, Stable is pretty stable branch).


Fixed my reply.

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