How long before we have consistent Manjaro theming on Gnome 42?

Well, as a writer of an “ancient” theme that fights against the “material look” it really matters to me. I’d like to have the choice of theme AND a consistency among all apps.

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I experimented with an AUR package aur/libadwaita-without-adwaita-git.

This is the result…

There’s spacing issues in the Settings app & the hover-highlight colour is off other than that I’m pretty pleased! :smiley:


@frost19k Very nice!

That’s what I got out of Orchis dark (black) version last Saturday. Still needs some improvements and tweaking for G42 either from creator or just by own adjustments. Qt Dolphin on the right.

Anyone know how the colour for desktop selection area & desktop icon selected are set?
I’ve modded my theme with green accents, but these 2 elude so far. Is it in the theme CSS or part of DING?


Any idea, when we can expect them in the repository?

Don’t expect them at all. They are only an incomplete WIP.

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