How is minimal different from archlinuxARM?

Aside from that first-run setup, how is Manjaro ARM minimal different from archlinuxarm? I’d like to try digging deeper in Arch with my rockpro64, but I have not been successful in getting it to boot it yet and there is no archlinuxARM image for it.

What is the secret sauce?

Other than the hardware enabling stuff, like uboot and kernel, not really much difference, other than a few services (like SSH) are enabled by default (on minimal edition) and we have a package to handle a few manual interventions here and there.

Other than that, it should function as an Arch Linux ARM install.


You forgot to mention the Manjaro installers.

Arch now has an installer too, they just don’t mention it yet.

I didn’t mention it, because the OP said “Aside from the first-run setup”. :wink:

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Haha! Yeah OK, I didn’t interpret that as installer. I thought they meant some kind of first run thing like mate welcome etc. I wasn’t sure what they were referring to tbh so glossed over that.

First run wizards, are the only “installers” we have on the images. :wink:

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