How I can control a brightness of the screen?

I am newcomer and I don’t know where are brightness control

That depends - if your display supports it - that it is mostly laptops - then the fn key with the relevant function key usually does the trick.

I have only found one window manager - compiz - which allows doing the same thing with other than laptop displays - but since compiz is not wildly in use on Manjaro changing to it you are much on your own and as you put it - newcomer - I will not recommend experiments. :slight_smile:

I have not key combination for brightness on my notebook with manjaro.
So it is looks like manjaro is only for sleepless at night.
Not for sunny days :frowning:

Please tell us more about the make and model of your computer.

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There is the xbacklight command:

xbacklight -inc 10 increases the backlight by 10% points.
-dec decreases it by 10 points.

That sounds strange - nearly every laptop I have been in touch with over the past two decades had a second function attached to any F-key which was activated by pressing a special fn key.

Which F-keys are used for brightness varies but the laptops built-in keyboard usually has this.

@mithrial’s suggestion is actually a good advise - at lest you can try that.

As @TheHappyHobbit suggests - it would be nice to know the make and model of your device.

Which desktop?

I just ran across this on XFCE and Power Management.

xfce4-power-manager --dump

The above command showed “Has brightness panel”. I didn’t see anything about brightness in Settings > Power Management, but according to this entry this is where it is suppose to be.

Here’s the doc for KDE power management, which control brightness.