How i can change this mask on Konsole and Yakuake?

How i can change is to default?

That’s because the zsh shell is themed that way. That is the default on Manjaro KDE/Plasma these days.

If you want Bash back, you can run: chsh -s /bin/bash and then relog.

In Konsole, right click and select Edit Current Profile.. then change the Command to /bin/bash. Yakuake should inherit Konsole’s setting.

Not sure the chsh command would be relevant here, as from my quick search it changes the login shell as set in /etc/passwd (for TTY or remote SSH I guess) but it shouldn’t reconfigure Konsole’s profiles.

While you can do the change in Konsole directly, I prefer changing the default shell used for the user, not just for the application.

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That is the Manjaro default. What do you consider default?

Please use words to describe what you need help with, not screenshots with arrows.

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Sorry for not being able to explain better, but @Strit and @omano has already resolved this question but even using “chsh -s /bin/bash” yakuake hasn’t changed, so I tried changing the yakuake profile and it still keeps using zsh instead of bash, but I think it’s because even if I apply the new profile and set default every time I restart the computer it goes back to the old profile and keeps using zsh, and even before doing this I had a strange bug sometimes when I tried to type in the terminal it gave a bug where the cursor that indicates the text does not indicate in the correct place and when I click and drag to try to select the text in the view the visualization and marking of what is selected also bug, and it’s very confusing to type mainly because the space size when I type with the spacebar is different, it happens with yakuake too , I’m sorry but I don’t know if I could explain it properly so I’ll send another screeshoot with arrows

Confirmed on my case: I setup konsole into /bin/bash
made chsh -s /bin/zsh
and re-opened konsole: it has the same /bin/bash command interpreter.

I already saw in my PC a long time ago that disposition of cursor and typing/deleting text shift but in about 2-3 positions. It was a long time ago and did not remember how I fixed it. It was something easy, like some mistake in some config. Can’t recall for now.

if I try to change Konsole by the profile even if I set it with the default, it goes back to the old profile too.

You are probably not doing it properly then.

Are you modifying your active custom Konsole profile, or are you trying to modify the default and read-only profile?

Make sure you have a custom profile created (Configuration menu, then Manage Profiles), make it default, and modify it, then restart.

//EDIT: for the other issue, maybe it is related to your ~/.bashrc file, or ~/.config/konsolerc or ~/.local/share/konsole/YourProfileName.profile file, maybe post them if you can’t figure it out. Probably corrupted, or wrongly configured file (font? pretty sure this is not the default, monospaced, Konsole font)

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How i can switch the theme of powerlevel10k to the agnoster theme? i see in the github page of powerlevel10k that this is possible but i couldn’t change.

Yes you’re right it was because i wasn’t using a monospaced font

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So…? Everything asked before is fixed now?

And so you want to keep zsh instead of switching to bash now and change the ZSH theme? I don’t want to be rude but make up your mind at some point. Also create one thread per issue you have, so it make sense when people search the forum.

Not exactly was everything resolved, I had the problem with the font and it was resolved, but from the beginning I wanted to change the way konsole and yakuake show the name of the computer and the user, yes I really expressed myself badly by not explaining concretely what I wanted, but researching I saw that changing the theme of powerlevel10k that is already installed with Manjaro the console can display as in bash but using powerlevel10k the goal from the beginning was to remove the manjaro logo and the icon from home to show as “computer@user” and i can do this with i can change the zsh theme without changing to bash, I just didn’t know it yet, I needed to research a little

Manjaro KDE has /bin/bash as a login shell as there were some reports that Plasma could act weird if it’s changed. So only Konsole profile shell is changed to /bin/zsh

Sorry, may be are there a chance to recall what are they about?

Something related to envvars as far as I remember.