How have people's experiences been with the newer NVIDIA Non-Free drivers?

I tried to update to 435xx earlier this month, but I found performance loss in most of by applications, with significant frame drops and stutters, so I ended up reverting to 430xx.

Now that 440xx is out, anyone have an idea of whether they are working a bit better?

im not impressed with anything past 430.xx, the 435.xx and 440.xx both deal out performance hits along with another issue that i posted on nvidia devtalk and one day i might even get a response :rofl:

i'll be sticking to 430.xx until they clean up the mess

That's pretty unfortunate, looks like we'll have to stick to the lesser versions for now.

from what i can tell that particular problem only effects those on optimus laptops using a prime setup and trying to use vsync/prime sync with a vulkan app/game. either way, completely unusable so i hope they get it fixed or at least acknowledge the problem but it's been a week already so im not holding my breath. :man_shrugging:

So my experience is probably quite different than most as I went to 440 from 390 this week. Seen a significant improvement playing Dying Light (only game I have tried so far) and my screen now turns off properly when idle rather than presenting a black screen but keeping the backlight on.

In general it has been very smooth which is a nice change as beforehand 390 was the only series I could get X to start on.

EDIT: Ignore this, update below.

Honestly, i have had zero issues with the latest stable. 440? I just played through Witcher 2 and had just a couple of issues that windows guys were having also. I do not dual boot anymore, but when i did, I found the linux versions more stable than the window versions.

Here no problem with 440 series. Using a Optimus laptop with Nvidia offload.

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All well with nvidia 440.31 on manjaro deepin here.
: )

cuda didn't work on 430. 435 worked very well for me. i just switched to 440, and had to modprobe nvidia* after, but it's been happy since then.

  • i see this warning with every upgrade, but have never actually needed to before 440.

[2019-11-13T01:27:44-0500] [ALPM] installed nvidia-440xx-utils (440.31-1)
[2019-11-13T01:27:44-0500] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] If you run into trouble with CUDA not being available, run nvidia-modprobe first.

Pretty interesting to see such different opinions. I'm gonna just try it out, it just may work.

Given the issues in unstable atm, I downgraded to the testing branch but did try the 440 drivers. I launched counter-strike: source, hl2_linux pegged to 100% cpu and then promptly segfaulted. Downgraded to 430 and all is well now.

Pretty similar situation for me, except I get crazy frame drops. Definitely unusable.

kernel 5.4 also breaks prime synchronization (nvidia-drm.modeset=1), it's also shown in xrandr output as 0 instead of 1 and cant be manually enabled via xrandr either. :man_shrugging:

One thing I didn't try was first disabling multicore rendering in the older drivers, this gives a slight performance boost playing some casual bhop but may possibly be related to issues in 440. My gtx 1060 handles everything on max and the cpu tops out at around 35% while playing. (25% if multicore rendering is disabled.)

I am going to take back my earlier praise of the 440 series. Dying Light no longer opens with it and CSGO has huge stuttering issues. Testing 430 at the moment which seems to be going better, but we shall see.

which kernel are you using?
Try 5.3 with 440 if you have'nt already.

Already on 5.3. Testing out 435 at the moment.

Most issues seem to be with people who complicate their setups with Optimus, I haven't seen any issues with desktops, I have a GTX 1060 on 440 with no issues to speak of

on desktops i see a lot more problems with amd than i do nvidia, and nvidia on an optimus laptop is actually pretty stable if you get rid of bumblebee. until they added that stupid render offloading feature which is a ridiculous idea and a waste of time when they could of implemented something that doesnt cripple things like external monitors or ever being able to power down the gpu when it's not being used.

at the same time they introduced that "feature", the problems began with the vulkan/prime sync combination making it unusable. that said, i'll be sticking to nvidia until amd gets their sh1t together. :man_shrugging:

Yeah I have a 5700 XT and it's been in a box for months because the AMD drivers are very unstable.

But isn't the dedicated GPU being on at all times for the best? That way you don't have to deal with the Optimus crap, you have a dedicated GPU afterall, so might aswell use it. Well I suppose battery is a concern, but in all honesty I hate Optimus laptops anyways

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