How exactly do I "mask" a service?

I am setting up battery management for this laptop and was reading about TLP - ArchWiki.

I am at Step 1 on the wiki. Installing the package and starting and enabling the service is straight forward. But it also says that these services should be “masked”:

  • systemd-rfkill.service
  • systemd-rfkill.socket

When I click the wiki link for the “mask” it sends me here but I don’t understand what I should do: Help:Reading - ArchWiki

What exactly is meant by “masking”? If someone could provide an example or maybe the steps I need to take for the two services mentioned above.

Thanks! :wave:t5:

man systemctl

The answer to your specific question (not all units has corresponding sockets)

systemctl mask <name.service> <name.socket>
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Thanks! I understand now that masking basically disables the service. Also I checked the rfkill and it somewhat makes sense to me to disable it, for the powermanagement to work.

Thanks again for the straight forward answer!

If your system is a Thinkpad you will succeed using tlp.

Otherwise battery management likely won’t work.

You must first disable the service and then mask it.

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