How does Manjaro installer configure the drive layout for BTRFS with encryption and swapfile?

Hi all,

I am trying to understand what Manjaro is doing with the drive layout in my setup. Using the installer, I selected BTRFS with encryption and a swapfile.

I have set up a base Arch instance with the same setup but the boot sequence differs between the two.

With my Arch setup, upon boot the Grub loads and shows the bootloader menu, then the kernel and initial ramdisk loads, then the hooks run and it pauses at the “encrypt” hook, at which point it asks me for the password to decrypt the root partition.

With Manjaro, upon boot, it immediately asks me for the password and then proceeds to load Grub etc. I also noticed when it runs through the hooks that it is loading a crypt key file at the encrypt hook.

What exactly is Manjaro doing to achieve this behavior. I prefer it, and I would like to configure my Arch install the same, even if that means starting it over from scratch.

Looking in GParted and the terminal, I can’t see any indication that the /boot partition is encrypted. I can see the root partition is encrypted. I’m just confused a bit as to what’s going on.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?