How does Manjaro decide default mirrors?

Hey folks,

recently I bought a laptop from backmarket. It had Win10 on it, but I installed Manjaro using the whole disk. After install I had some trouble with getting updates, because Manjaro tried to get files from some polish mirrors. After using pacman-mirrors -c Germany it changed to some german mirrors nearby and everything went smoothly from here on.

But now I’m curious: Why were there polish mirrors in the first place? At install, I selected english language with german locale, and used the whole disk for install. Aren’t there some american mirrors set as default for new installs? How does Manjaro decide default mirrors?

Thanks in advance,

The are chosen at random from a known pool of up-to-date mirrors - but if the ISO was an old ISO and there was no internet connection - the mirrors randomized from the available offline mirror pool.

Or the man page

 man pacman-mirrors

Also bear in mind that the available mirror pool is outside the control of Manjaro as they are all provided on a volutary basis.

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