How does a user know when a package in the Manjaro distribution has been demoted to the AUR?

How does a user know when a package in the Manjaro distribution has been demoted to the AUR?

The problem: I don’t know when a package is demoted to the AUR — thus they are getting updated from the AUR. They probably should be removed.

I have semi-automated the procedure with checks and balances. I knew things like this might come up and I would address them as I came across them.

An example is celt.

I did a site search at Arch, and google found it in a cached webpage which showed the extra repository. It was confirmed that it came from one of the repos because it was found in the installation file /desktopfs-pkgs.txt. However on a new VM, built with the latest ISO, it is not there.

I viewed several Stable Update Announcements, gitlab “list of all package changes”, but I didn’t see any changes for celt.

===> grep celt /desktopfs-pkgs.txt 
celt 0.11.3-4

===> pacman -Qm celt
celt 0.11.3-5

Another example appears to be: gnome-icon-theme and gnome-icon-teme-symbolic.

You don’t - because 98% of the packages comes from Arch.

And it depends if Manjaro has an overlay for the package.

But you can check the submission date on AUR - if it is recent like with celt - you know when.

Personally, i use pamac-gtk for updating, which can visually separate AUR packages from the rest. I tend to individually check AUR package updates, most notably their PKGBUILDs, so i can spot packages i don’t recall having installed from AUR.

Looks like qpdfview was also demoted. It is in /desktopfs-pkgs.txt, but now only in the AUR.

First Submitted: 2022-07-19 22:20 (UTC)

To bad there isn’t an AUR pkg list that has sortable columns. You could sort on “First Submitted”.

I suppose I could work backwards. I know what I have installed from the AUR (skypeforlinux-stable-bin, google-chrome, I can compare that to the output of pacman -Qqm .

It’s pretty simple if you update system like it was suggested few years back - first with pacman and then with whichever aur helper. You quickly notice new/odd aur packages that weren’t there before.

You can also list foreign packages with pacman -Qm here and there and take a mental picture (or >file.txt).

This is just our inhouse procedure. Using pacman and then pamac for AUR, with some automation and lots of logging. I’m still learning the Manjaro ins and out and how to handle situations that come up.

I’ll close this topic.

downgrade can find older versions of Arch repository packages

sudo downgrade celt --ala-only shows 2 previous versions:

 -  1)   celt 0.11.3    3   remote
 -  1)   celt 0.11.3    4   remote
 Available Packages (foreign/Aur):

gnome-icon-theme also finds 2 previous versions - 3.12.0-5 and 3.12.0-6

qpdfview has 3 previous versions - 0.4.18beta1-2, 0.41.8-1 and 04.1.8-2

gnome-icon-theme-symbolic can only find latest version 3.12.0-6 but package is prepended with a + to show it has not been installed previously

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