How do you merge the bootloader Manjaro installs with an existing one?

It took me a while to figure this out, but after installing Manjaro on an extra partition, I could not boot it after os-prober adds it to my normal bootloader. I just got this error:

Error: file `/boot/vmlinuz-6.5-x86_64’ not found

I went on a wild goose chase reading various threads about interrupted updates, but eventually found that if I choose a new boot device there are in fact two bootloaders installed. The one I already had installed (A), and a second one labelled “Manjaro” (B). Using bootloader B and then selecting Manjaro booted it without any issues.

So how do I now “merge” the two? (see: delete B and add an entry for Manjaro in A)
My knowledge of GRUB (and the boot process in general) is rather limited, so even if I did get Manjaro booting from A, I wouldn’t even know how to delete B.

What is it?

GRUB 2.06, I forgot to mention.

Usually, it’s better to let the boot laoder of Manjaro boot the other installs as most other OS are not capable to boot Manjaro.

So, you should prepare Manjaro’s /etc/default/grub file settings accordingly by having this line:


Then (while running Manjaro) restore the boot loader and run 'sudo update-grub`and reboot.

Then you should have an entry for your other system in Manjaro’s grub boot menu.

Make sure your firmware’s boot menu is pointing to the Manjaro entry.

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most other OS are not capable to boot Manjaro.

Why would that be the case? Both my original and Manjaro’s bootloader is GRUB 2.06. Can I really not just copy some setting from somewhere?

It does not matter what boot loader your other system uses. The specific grub settings of Manjaro are customized. I would not try to get all these customizations transfered as if you are not knowing exactly how to do it, every update might overwrite them. So, the answer is - it might be possible most likely but remains a no-brainer.

So if I were to use Manjaro’s special GRUB as my bootloader in the future, how would I go about removing my old one?

You don’t need to. If you definely want to remove some of the residues you should provide more details of your secret second system and it’s boot loader installation.

For example: If you boot in UEFI moide and have an ESP entry for the other system - there are commands to delete this entry (afterwards).

My other systems are Zorin 16.3 (Ubuntu derivative) and Alpine 3.19. I installed Zorin first, so I’ve been using that bootloader (which I believe is just Ubuntu’s default bootloader with a theme, because it appears as “ubuntu” in my boot devices).
Is there any other information you need?

Thanks for sharing. I’m pretty sure the best solution is to use the Manjaro bootloader to boot Zorin as well.

If you don’t like this and you have an UEFI install you could certainly have both bootloaders integrated in your ESP and then decide from the firmware what system to boot.