How do you get to tty when your computer won't load

Ok, once I boot into the live mode what do I test for?

Test already done, your PC booted just fine and works from LiveCD.
Now you reinstall your broken system.

Ok what commands do I need to do in order to reinstall my system.

Terminal commands are not required to install Manjaro.

so this will fix my nvidia-utils in conflict with nvidia-455xx-utils problem.

No idea what are you talking about.

oh, before I created this post. I created another post to fix my little problem. People stop responding so I created another. though in fairness I didn’t see or get the reply button yet. Lets go back to the beginning. Around 12/30 I like everyone else got that update. I like an idiot didn’t get rid of that nvidia program when I updated and I have been locked out of my Manjaro nvme ever since. Sorry for the confusion.

hello are you still their

There are (many) posts in this forum which deal with what is possibly your issue.

To respond rather precisely to your #1) question:

if your computer won’t load the OS - you cannot get to a TTY
as this is a function of the already running OS

… if the OS isn’t up and running - you don’t get to have the OS function of a TTY …

you can get that (and more) by booting from the installation medium - or from almost any other linux live USB or CD - and then use chroot from there to gain access to your system

I already replied to you what to do next, just scroll up.

ok, I still have one question. Will reinstalling delete everything on my manjaro install. I need to get a couple of libre files, because I didn’t back it up.

probably - it depends on how you do it
use the same medium (USB-memory stick probably) that you’ll use to install your system
to access your data and back it up to a different location before you proceed with the installation

I have the idea of emailing the data to my self, but how do you get my data to my email. Do I need to download libre in live mode. or in chroot send it directly to their. I’m a noob for this.

If you didn’t encrypt your drive (which I highly doubt you did), just boot into the LiveISO, and you should be able to access your drives in the file manager.

and I have the idea that you are and have been trolling and are having a grand old good time right now

I entered the LiveISO and check dolphin and nothing was there. Did I go to the wrong place or do I have to do something first.

Not really, I’m new to Linux and I’m trying to learn the basics of Manjaro.

I put him on ignore, problem solved.

ok, but I still need help to make a back up for these files before I reinstall Manjaro.