How do you get to tty when your computer won't load

Hello I have two question. 1) How to get to tty if your computer can’t load past the motherboard logo. I might have look it up, but I need to be sure it the best way. 2) Instead of putting in the username can you use root instead.

  1. If your computer won’t get past motherboard logo (BIOS), then you need to plug in hard drive and install some operating system.

  2. Don’t understand your question.
    If you want to login as root, then answer is don’t.
    If you want to do administrative tasks (as root), then answer is sudo.

try with Ctrl + Alt +Fn keys ( F1 to F8 )

where do I do it. Do I do it in the grub or in the command line. I need to know because I can’t load past the motherboard logo.

Hello, to try and answer your question, you cannot shell out to either grub or the command line because they either don’t exist yet (haven’t been started), or something is keeping you from entering grub or your boot loader.

You said you see the motherboard logo… what type of motherboard is it? Are there any highlighted suggestions (usually Function keys on your keyboard) to try?

In short, you may need to change a setting in your bios data or even get a new motherboard. Give more info on what shows up on the screen you are stuck at.

If you can’t get past motherboard logo, then you have no OS functional. You can press keys but it will get you nowhere. Go back to my post:

I just want to know when to do crtl + alt + fn keys at. To give a little more info about my computer 1) I dualboot with windows 2) my motherboard is a x570 Aorus elite. I hope this helps

How do I plug in a hard drive?

Ok after doing that then what?

also should a external work as well.

The logo thing is after I select manjaro in grub. grub works fine otherwise I wouldn’t be abile to use windows. Kernel 5.10 and 5.9 wont get past the logo. 4.14 get instead Accpi cppc:failed to find pcc com channel. This might clear up some confusion.

Next step: how to install Manjaro at DuckDuckGo

Boot from Manjaro USB stick and test Manjaro there.

I still have the usb that I used to put manjaro in my computer. Do we go to the live environment with it.

No, I’d suggest to create new stick with latest Manjaro.

ok, I’ll take the usb and replace the iso file it with the newest version.

Got the updated iso file.

now what?

wait forget the last thing i said.