How do you fix this font issue?

Hey, this has been like this since i migrated to Plasma 6, does anybody know how to fix the font and am i missing something with the theme on second photo? (Theme is Manjaro Breath)


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Well nevermind a system update fixed the font issue lol, i think its just some quirk of the Testing branch :smile:

As to the second thing;

This appears to be true for most themes that previously provided color styles to the dolphin icon.

It seems they are still applied to your home directory icons … but dolphin itself (such as in the taskbar or shown in alt+tab, etc) will be the stock dolphin icon from the theme (blue usually).

In my case … I just manually edited the files for Papirus, as it had the same issue.

(in the case of papirus it was these files)

That just fixed itself in the update too lol :slight_smile: (The menu button is still KDE though, should fix itself i guess)

I dont think so.

The default icon from the the icon theme for start-here-kde will continue to be the default for the application menu.

You can look for an alternative.

For example, there should be the path /usr/share/icons/manjaro present on your system.

I can also share mine if you want some;

Teal ‘Maia’



(if your background is white you may not see it, but its there. You can also download like, ex
curl -O )

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