How do you feel about Fedora?

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Obviously you did not enable the RPM fusion repros, Fedora ships only free software by default that is in the Linux spirit, unlike others that don’t give a flying pig about software violations.


You can enable rpmfusion free and nonfree repos by downloading the package and opening with Gnome Software or in terminal. (just checked it is in there.)


Disclaimer: This all just my opinion and is entirely based on my personal preferences.

Up until fairly recently I was running Fedora on my long-term testing laptop. I had no major issues during the life-cycle of F28.

What I like about Fedora:

  • Commercial software support is fairly strong
  • As of version F28, it is finally stable enough to be worth using
  • rpm’s are available for almost every piece of software
  • The process of installing different DEs is fairly straightforward and works quite well
  • I like the fact that they are starting to lessen their stance on making it easy to access certain non-free software such as the proprietary nvidia drivers.

What I don’t prefer:

  • For an obscenely long time, Fedora was not stable. IMO, the least stable of any of the major distributions. With the last two versions being quite good I am hopeful for the future, but the past still gives me pause.
  • Fedora installs liberal amounts of packages both by default and when installing software. On similarly configured systems, I get many more updates on Fedora then Manjaro because of this.
  • The repos are quite small. You are more or less forced to use a combination of 3rd party repos, direct downloads and/or flatpaks. It isn’t limited to non-free software, there are many commonly used free applications that are not in the repos.
  • The decisions about what gets updated in an existing release versus what waits until the next release often seems quite inconsistent. An update will come with the absolute latest version of KDE but I will still have a gimp version that needs carbon-dating.
  • I always get the impression that Fedora is targeted at developers as opposed to general desktop users.

My general feeling is that Fedora is ‘fine’, but not at the top of distros that match my personal preferences.


Fedora 30 incorporating a unique identifier to “count” users … although apparently there is an opt out, no details on how that will work though, just that it will be “easy”.


clicking through to the bugzilla report it looks fairly innocuous and limited to identifying installation metrics only. I don’t see they really need an opt out for it since there’s nothing personally identifiable being sent back but will provide one anyway for the very paranoid. all it would do is ping a unique string to say “hello I’m alive” to the fedora server after 48 hours or whatever time limit they set to avoid test installs.