How do you feel about Fedora?


I usually go full immersion myself, sink or swim :grin: , but yeah Fedora Gnome runs fine in a VM, so the experience should be close to bare-metal.


it was on my short list, when i looked for a new distro (getting away from Ubuntu), fedora or debian were my last options, but never had the chance to install in on hardware, and with the latest move from IBM buying RHEL (and fedora) i think i will stay away from it.

my sincere opinion is that fedora is a great product but lost its place in the FOSS world, the same can be said for Canonical (Ubuntu and all other products).


Well you could look at it the other way, that I’m praising Manjaro forums for being the best.

I do feel like Manjaro is “easier” but that also could be because what’s familiar to me is of course easy. I just wonder if it’s good for just normal desktop use with light work. That’s what I’ll be exploring is if it’s mainly suited to heavy workloads and developers.

With Manjaro I’ve had KDE foul ups because of Nvidia and then I’ve had hard crashes in the middle of updates with Gnome. On very new hardware. Hence me and Manjaro having a complicated relationship. Chroot is not fun.


I use Fedora on my MacBoo Pro because it’s the only OS that doesn’t make it overly warm.


“How do you feel about Fedora?”

With both hands tied and a blindfold. Then I report my findings upstream to the witches coven…

I think Fedora is a very nice platform for Red Hat or GNOME developers. It is a development platform, so if you want to get in on the forefront of development and testing in various ways–you know, write a newfangled SystemD or something–then Fedora Wants You! :point_left: :us:


What if I’m just a low-life end user?


Very new hardware and Linux are not a great mix, very few manufacturers support Linux OOTB on day one, it takes time.

At least with a rolling release distro like Manjaro you get kernel, package and driver updates a few days after upstream release.


That’s a good point. I may need to rekindle my Manjaro relationship. Then I have to decide if I want to try and make Nvidia and Kwin play nice together or just hit Gnome again.


u mean cyberpunk :robot:


I am as well, most of the time. I also run Fedora from time to time.

I’m not damning any distribution–we don’t do that here. Find out for yourself. Maybe it will be suitable for whatever purposes you have.



How do i feel about Fedora?

Based 100% on VMs, hence possibly my experiences might have been very different if the installations had been “real”.

  1. <F28 = simply horrible: crashy, buggy, frequently refused to see the internet, frequently refused to update even when could see internet, and S L O W as treacle with a molasses top-up.
  2. F28 = less horrible.
  3. F29 = simply a revelation; reliable, fast, pretty - Venus to all its predecessors’ Mars.


Fxx = F’up


And useless.


For me it comes down to easy encrypted lvm install, with SELinux enforced, commercial products having rpm packages that work on the whole RHEL, Centos, Fedora family, and a first rate Gnome experience. With Manjaro I have to use manjaro-architect cli installer and do a bunch of prep for the install that might or might not work, and then install. Then I need to compile, compile, compile, and do some more compiling to literally build every package I need for SELinux, and most likely build my own kernel on top of it. In other words I might as well do Archlinux straight at that point, however with the number of packages I would be compiling I might as well jump on over to Gentoo. So to get what I want on my business machines I need to either do a hell of a lot of work, or just run Fedora. OpenSuse is a no go for me, always have problems with it because dependency hell was made with them in mind. Debian 9 is a complete mess, I have a T430 and apparently recognizing the display resolution for it, is just too difficult, and I don’t need to hop through hoops to get it working, been there done that, soooooo… Fedora or Qubes OS. I determined Qubes was overkill for my needs and introduced infrastructure issues that would make life harder for me. So what is my point? It all comes down to your particular needs. Right now I am on kernel 4.19-6, 4.19-7 was pushed out yesterday, so I would say it is pretty up to date for newer hardware. It suits my needs, only you can tell if it will suit yours.


I haven’t installed Fedora since version 24 I believe. I really liked Fedora after a base install it was a good OS. Unfortunately, as I installed more and more software over time it just got buggier and buggier. After a while it would always melt down and self destruct.

I think if you stick close to a vanilla base install Fedora is a very good OS, but if you’re a software glutton and love to add all manner of programs reliability goes out the window IMO.


You mentioned you are a keyboard user :slight_smile: so am I.

Have you given the Openbox edition a spin?


Around 24 that was the case. I have been tracking it since 21 and around Fedora 25 is when I started seeing real improvements. Fedora 28 was completely usable which is why I gave it a go. Fedora 29 is rock stable so far (upgraded one day after it hit, usually that is a recipe for disaster), and I have a ton of software on it…back up the truck, with the little warning siren going off and dump it. Not even a blip, and the package kit software installer has improved to the point where it is almost preferable in many instances. Of course this could all be because RHEL 8 is around the corner, but I think it is just that a lot of items that have been worked on for a long time have reached fruition, and will hit completely in Fedora 30.


i’ve used fedora since Fedora 8 then it was works today broken tomorrow, 24 was a good release and although 25 26 27 were reasonable 28 really came together and 29 really carries on where 28 left off.


I have not, but I will say I am a sucker for aesthetics. (Cause you know, looking good while you do something is 50% of it :wink:)


Then you have to try the Openbox Edition - The stun factor and the street credit is approx. 200


That’s pretty nice man. I’ll have to give it a second look. I think I’ve been mixing i3 and OpenBox in my head by mistake.