How do you determine what packages that can be installed with pamac via the cli?

How can I determine if a package can be installed with pamac command line interface, or if I need to use a tool like yay?

For example, I can install the AUR package tuxedo-control-center, using the command:
$ pamac install -Syu --no-confirm tuxedo-control-center

However, if I try installing the AUR package postman-bin, no target is found:
$ pamac install -Syu --no-confirm postman-bin
Error: target not found: postman-bin

Note, I have updated the mirrors beforehand:
$ sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack

To install AUR packages with pamac you have to use build rather than install, e.g.:

pamac build vorta

I have never used yay

This will have installed the package from the official Manjaro repo (extra) not the AUR package.

In addition, to update installed AUR packages use:

pamac update -a
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Thanks, @NGr!

What is confusing then is why I can install the AUR package tuxedo-control-cente without using the build option. The following command works just fine:

$ pamac install -Syu --no-confirm tuxedo-control-center

tuxedo-control-center is in the offical Manjaro repo, that is what you installed with that command, not the AUR package.


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Ah, that explains. Thanks again, @NGr!

All packages can be installed using command line.

But you have to know if it is AUR or official repo.

One way is to try and install using pacman

sudo pacman -Syu postman-bin

This will fail because it is a package script from AUR

pamac build postman-bin

If you want to know beforehand use the search function provided by pamac

pamac search --aur postman-bin

Then you will see it is listed as being a package script from AUR


Thanks a lot, @linux-aarhus!

Having corrected a small typo (missing dash):
pamac search --aur postman-bin

If you enabled AUR support in Pamac GUI preferences, pamac install postman-bin will also work fine.

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That’s nice to know as well. Thanks, @guinux!

@Aragorn and @Yochanan

Hiya. I see that you’re removing “[solved]” from the title. I’ve created a new post on that topic. Please, chime in here:

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